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Published Chapters and Articles:

Mundy, B. & Wofsy, M. (2017). Diverse Couple and Family Forms and Universal Family Processes. In Kelly, Shalonda (Ed.). Diversity in Couple and Family Therapy. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.

Mundy, B., Wofsy, M., Cleek, E.N., & Boyd-Franklin, N. (2013). Implementing Best Practices - Seven Core Processes. Behavioral Health News. V. 1 n. 2, New York, NY.

Cleek, E.N., Wofsy, M., Boyd-Franklin, N., Mundy, B. (2012) The Family Empowerment Program: An interdisciplinary systems of care approach to working with multi-stressed urban families. Family Process v. 51(2) pp. 207-217.

Wofsy, M. (2006). Is therapy science or art? ICL Insider. New York: Institute for Community Living.


Boyd-Franklin, N., Cleek, E.N., Wofsy, M., Mundy, B. Therapy in the Real World. New York: Guilford Press (2013) Click here to view on Amazon

Praise for Therapy in the Real World:

“Boyd-Franklin and her colleagues have written a landmark book that, for the first time, brings together multiple therapeutic modalities, multiculturalism, evidence-based practice, and recommendations for therapist self-care, in a highly accessible, engaging style. The volume provides therapists with the empirical basis for therapeutic interventions and with practical guidance for implementation. Both beginning and experienced therapists working in the real world will breathe a sigh of relief for the integration and wisdom the authors provide. I will use this as a core text in my family and couple therapy courses at the master’s and doctoral levels.”
Peter Fraenkel, PhD, Subprogram in Clinical Psychology and Master’s in Mental Health Counseling Program, The City College of the City University of New York;  Director, Center for Work and Family, Ackerman Institute for the Family http://www.ackerman.org/

“You have to be robust to work well in front-line mental health services. This book is a companion, and a very valuable one. It builds bridges, clarifies commonalities across treatments, and helps you to approach complex scenarios with awareness of what might make a difference to the lives of people from diverse backgrounds. The authors are champions of compassionate and competent practice. This book is a considerable achievement.”
—Stephen Rollnick, PhD, Institute of Primary Care and Public Health, Cardiff University, Wales, UK http://www.stephenrollnick.com/

“This groundbreaking book is a powerful and extremely relevant discussion of the real world of clinical practice today. It is a necessary addition to the library of every experienced and early career therapist and mental health practitioner. The book is also an excellent text for graduate-level courses seeking to provide students with a thorough overview of the mental health field.”
—Joseph L. White, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Psychiatry, University of California, Irvine http://www.thechicagoschool.edu/Home/About_The_Chicago_School/Board_of_Trustees/Joseph_L_White_PhD
“Eminently accessible, this volume distills the research and information needed to provide the highest quality clinical services. The book will improve your work with clients, whether you are navigating the complexities of public care or maintaining a private practice. It includes essential guidance for addressing crises and trauma and understanding clients from diverse backgrounds. A ‘must read’ for mental health clinicians, supervisors, and trainees.”
—Ronald F. Levant, EdD, ABPP, Department of Psychology, University of Akron; past president, American Psychological Association http://www.drronaldlevant.com/


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